We love colorful nail polish, and we literally have a shade for every outfit. But there's another thing that never goes out of style and pairs perfectly with a stunning nude make-up look and your favorite everyday outfit: natural nails with transparent nail polish.  
We are sure you agree that it is a look—it has something. And it is also practical, though: Natural nails are not just a staple for effortless French fashionistas and corporate baddies. They are also the most practical manicure you can get. Never worry about fixing chipped polish during your hectic work week—a transparent coat is forgiving.  
Today we want to show you our natural nail routine. This everyday look will last a long time, strengthen your nails, and make them look healthy and natural. Here's what you need for your perfect natural manicure:  



Prepare your nails for your natural nail look  

Start by grooming your nails using a crystal nail file to prevent them from breaking. Next, gently push back your cuticles using our nourishing cuticle oil. It comes with a soft applicator you can use as a cuticle pusher, so you don't necessarily need an additional tool. If you want to use one, make sure to avoid sharp utensils in favor of rounded or blunt ones. We recommend using an orange wood stick. Gently massage the oil into your cuticle while avoiding the nails. Finally, rinse your hands thoroughly and dry them. You can use a cleaning brush or peeling lotion if you like.  


Step 1: Foundation  

Once your nails are entirely dry, apply the topcoat. It helps to strengthen your nails and provides an ideal foundation for your perfect natural nail look. It is transparent and quick drying. Make sure to coat your nails completely.  


Step 2: Natural tips  

  After everything has had time to dry, start painting the free edge of your nails with your favorite pink tone—like a pink French manicure. You can use nail vinyls as a guide for sharper lines. It can be a bit tricky initially, but you will see: After painting two or three nails, you will get the hang of it. Make sure everything is completely dry before you continue so you don't smudge your nails in the final step.  


Step 3: Top Coat

Apply another layer of Top Coat to give your nails a slightly plump look and higher durability. Take your time to let them dry completely. If everything went well, and you're sure the nail polish has dried down completely, you can use the cuticle oil again and give your hands a well-deserved treatment with your favorite hand lotion.   

If you want to know more about how to protect your hands and nails from UV rays, read our article about SPF for your hands here. 

August 22, 2022