Woman with sunhat and nail polish

Sun Protection for your hands is just as important as it is for your face and body. Environmental influences, especially UV rays, are responsible for more than 70 percent of skin aging. They change the skin’s repair system, leading to permanent skin damage such as wrinkles, aging spots, pigment spots, or even worse. The leading cause of premature skin aging is UVA rays. They can destroy the collagen layer in the deeper layers of our skin and even get through window glass. They are even present on overcast days and in winter.

UVA rays are invisible to our eyes but can get deep into your skin. Therefore, they’re the most dangerous rays—much worse than UVB rays, which can cause sunburn. Also, in contrast to UVB rays, UVA rays don’t really decrease in intensity over a day or year.

Our hands need UV protection

In summary, this means: We need to protect our skin from sun damage—every day, not only during the summer days. Plus: We shouldn’t just protect the skin on our face and body but also our hands. So, when you’re planning to go outside: Make sure to use an anti-aging hand lotion or balm with a high sun protection factor (SPF).

Our hands are like our business cards – they’re often the first thing someone notices about us. But here’s the thing: We don’t cover them with make-up like our face, and we only wear gloves when it’s cold outside. So, they always tell the truth and our stories from the past—and how we take care of them. A good hand cream nourishes them, strengthens the skin, and protects them from irritations and sunburns—if you use one with SPF.

How to find the perfect hand lotion

But how can you find the perfect hand lotion? We recommend that you choose one from the anti-aging section. Most of them are not only enriched with UVA and UVB filters but also with coenzyme Q10 and other active ingredients that keep your skin fresh and elastic, such as vitamin E.

Maybe you’ve heard rumors that SPF can ruin the polish on your nails? Well, it’s only partly true. Some sunscreens contain ingredients that have the power to take the shine out of your manicure and, in the worst case, remove it. The good news is: You can protect your nails with one simple trick: Avoid the fingertips when applying hand cream. If cream or lotion still ends up on your nails, simply wipe it off, and your polish will be safe.

Protect your nails with a Top Coat

If you want to strengthen your nails and protect your nail polish from chipping, make sure to use a topcoat. The heroine.nyc Top Coat comes in a glossy and a matte version and protects your nails for a long time.

Here are our nail polish recommendations for a beautiful, sunny summer. We swear they make your tanned hands look extra beautiful!

August 02, 2022