Hands with bright heroine.nyc nail polish holding an ananas

Get ready for your summer vacation

Summer starts... now! Time for your vacation! No matter if you're going to the seaside, on a city trip or an adventurous journey, there are a few essentials you need on your travels. We've put them all together and made a list for you—your beauty packing list for your summer vacation.
With our selection, we focused on the essentials. So, if anything is missing, just add it to your beauty bag. So, here is what you need to enjoy your holidays to the fullest:


  • Your favorite heroine.nyc nail polish:  Make sure to pick a color that fits with all the stations of your route. Maybe you are going to a wedding after visiting a festival? In order not to make your luggage heavier than it needs to be, you should decide on one color. So, it's best to choose one that goes with both outfits and still gives you pleasure while relaxing in the wellness resort or surfing the waves on the beach of your dreams afterwards.

  • Nail polish remover:  When travelling, you likely scratch your nails or bump them into something. To always keep them beautiful and shiny, don't forget your nail polish remover. Then you can apply fresh nail polish from time to time. You will see: It will make you feel fresher again immediately. Who wants to walk around with chipped nail polish anyway?

  • Crystal nail file:  The heroine.nyc crystal nail file fits into every pocket. It is very lightweight and does its job very well. So, just pull it out if you need to shorten your nails. It is also much gentler than regular sandpaper files, the result is even better, and it keeps your nails healthier.

  • Sun protection:  Please keep sun protection seriously. We all love a good sunbath, but the sun can also cause severe damage to your skin. If you want to avoid sunburns, skin ageing and even worse things, it's best to always put sun cream on your face, hands, and body. Make sure to use a high SPF (skin protection factor)—at least 30.

  • Moisturizer:  The AC on planes, trains, and cars can make your skin dry—in addition to sunlight, sand, and sea salt. So don't forget to take your face and body moisturizer with you. Btw: Did you know that there are tinted moisturizers? They are the perfect solution for your summer skin. You can use them if you want to skip using foundation for some time and still want a light covering effect. Some of them even come with an SPF.

  • Cuticle oil:  Not only your face and body skin can get dry on your travels. It's good to also take care of your cuticles—especially if you paint your nails. You should always carry your cuticle oil with you. The heroine.nyc cuticle oil is made to soften and moisturize them, so it's less likely you hurt them. Just massage it into the cuticles of your fingers and toes regularly, and you will see the difference.

  • Mascara:  Even if you're on a road trip through the desert, you can bat your eyelashes like a movie star. Just take your mascara with you and enjoy that fabulous look every day.

  • Eye shadow:  Did you get less sleep than usual due to transit? Do your eyes tell that you danced until dawn at last night's beach party? No worries: Your wonderful, glittery eyeshadow distracts from the small dark shadows and lets you look cheerfully into the day.

  • Shampoo bar & hair conditioner:  A shampoo bar is the perfect companion for your travels. It is sustainable, easy to carry and does the trick whenever you need to wash your hair. Don't forget to also pack a hair conditioner—sea salt, sun and sand can make your hair rough. You can also get a solid one or even a combined shampoo/conditioner product in bar form. If you have long, dyed, or damaged hair, you can also use a leave-in product. It nourishes your locks and protects them from environmental influences.
July 18, 2022