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Do you know the feeling that lies in the air at summer festivals? We love this light, peaceful, tense mood that makes you want to dance, sing and enjoy this moment of togetherness.
No matter if you are getting ready for a big music festival, one of these fabulous summer yard parties, an event at the open-air cinema, a beach party or a picnic with your friends: We are sure you would like to wear something special. Something that fits with your summer mood and reflects your love for the occasion.
To complete your outfit, we recommend choosing one of our favorite summer colors from the nail polish palette: festival nail polishes

is the perfect drink to fill your batteries between two headliners—it chills you down without making you dizzy. It was also the inspiration for our wonderful Lemonade nail polish.

is everything you wish for your summer: white sea foam, turquoise clouds and a light breeze that cools you down after a long sunny day with your favorite music.

Talking about breezes. What about a breezy blue tone for your beach toes? Breezy is the perfect fit for your sandals and espadrilles, and it goes very well with the newest festival fashion and the fantastic pastel hairdo you just got! You look stunning, gal!

Can't get enough of dancing in the front row? Love getting massaged by the basses? Well, don't forget your water bottle and sun hat! Combining them with our sweet and tasty Bubble Gum nail polish will make you look fabulous.

is the name for one of our favorite festival colors. You definitely stick out of the crowd with your pastel neon, lime green nails!

If you are more into darker styles, Purple Fiction is a perfect choice. It goes just as well with black lace dresses as with your punky jeans outfit.

All these pulsating, moving summer events have one thing in common: They bring people together—creative people, open-minded people, people who love music and a good chat with friends—and make new friends, of course. So let's celebrate our friendship with some fresh summer tones.

To make your nail polish last longer and to stay beautiful for all of your summer gatherings, we recommend you to use our top coat. There is a glossy and a matte version. The matte one will give your painted nails a unique look: It transforms your glossy manicure into an elegant matte look. So, pack your backpack and picnic basket, put on your sunglasses and bandana and enjoy the festival summer!
July 13, 2022