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Be proud with colorful nail polishes.

The world is multifaceted, and so are you!
 We want to wish you a happy pride month! Let’s celebrate and enjoy the most abundant, glamourous, and beautiful Pride Parade in New York on June 26. Let’s make this day a day to remember—one we will all never forget.
 Let’s show the world our dignity, self-affirmation, equality and—what’s most important—our visibility! Let’s get on the streets and show people no matter if we’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, asexual, pan, or whatever and regardless of who we are and who we love: we are so much more than a group or massive worldwide movement—we are the people!
Two people holding the lgbtqi flag

Celebrate Pride Month

 June is our Month of Pride. We want to make it the most beautiful, most memorable, and of course, the loudest month of the year. So go out and shine and raise your voice—with all the colors of the rainbow. We are beautiful! Let us show the world how inspiring, loving, and proud we are!
By the way: Did you know why it is also called “Christopher Street Day”? Well, here is the story: On the morning of Saturday June 28, 1969, people of all sexual orientations and genders rioted in New York—fighting for their rights. The demonstration caused a police raid which took place in front of the Stonewall Inn at 43 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan—the rest is history.
 From that legendary day on, the LGBTQI* Pride marches grew bigger and bigger. Today, in New York alone, three to four million people hit the streets each year to celebrate the Pride parade. Not to forget the countless people who demonstrate in all the other major cities of the world. And Pride is known there. Even in the smallest towns and villages, you can find LGBTQI* flags everywhere in the month of June.
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Sparkle like a rainbow with Heroine NYC

Our brand, Heroine NYC stands for a free and open-minded, powerful person. For sticking together no matter who you identify as, who you want to be, or who you love. We want you to sparkle like a rainbow!
So, in case you’re still searching for the perfect nail art for pride month here is a list of our rainbow colors—inspired by the month of pride, and the people on this planet who shine in all colors and shapes.
June 07, 2022