Three nail polishes

Celebrate with us!

In the US, June 1 is an exceptional day—people all over the continent share their love for nail polish and everything around nail art. How cool is that? Nail polish brings together people of all ages, colors and genders who have a fascination for beautiful things.

Did you know nail polish was originally invented in China in 3,000 BCE? At around 600 BC, the time of the Zhou Dynasty, the members of the royal house preferred to paint their nails with gold and silver. A bit later, red and black replaced

In Ancient Egypt, the lower classes used to wear lighter colors, while the rich people used henna to let them shine in an auburn tone. When Frederick S. N. Douglas travelled to Greece in 1818, he found out Greek woman painted their nails pink—a color that is still very popular in our modern times. Btw: Did you already check out our pink tones?

But to celebrate National Nail Polish Day, we don’t just use pink to paint our nails— even if it is one of our favorite tones. The more colorful, the better. And—here is one more fact about us: No matter which Heroine New York color you decide to put on your nails: They are all cruelty-free and vegan. So, you can always be sure no animals were harmed in the production process. Isn’t that also a good reason to celebrate?

But enough about us for now. Here are some more facts about the National Nail Polish Day.

Why is National Nail Polish Day celebrated on June 1?

The initiators of the National Nail Polish Day chose the date because it is also the meteorological start of summer. They wanted to also make June 1 the start of the nail polish season! Which totally makes sense as people start to wear sandals and walking with bare feet at the beach, wearing colorful summer clothes showing their painted nails once the season starts again.

How to celebrate National Nail Polish Day?

First: Paint your nails in your favorite colors.
Then: Go out, have a party with your friends and enjoy your day! Post pictures of your beautiful nails on your IG with the hashtag #NationalNailPolishDay. Tag us and tell us your National Nail Polish Day story!
May 25, 2022