Breast Cancer Awareness month person holding chest with pink nail polish on
Pink is the color to raise awareness for breast cancer. So, during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month October, people wear pink ribbons and clothes to spread the word about this disease.

Did you know that every two minutes, a person is diagnosed with breast cancer? And yes: everyone can get it— even if you are a cis male, you can suffer from breast cancer. So please don’t forget your checkups and go see a doctor regularly Plus: Monthly breast cancer exams should be a regular part of your self-care. Always remember: With early detection, the survival rate goes up.

Please take care of yourself and raise awareness

There is great medical inequality connected to breast cancer. Even though the disease is more prevalent in white women, death rates among African American women tend to be the highest for this form of cancer.
To raise awareness for people suffering from breast cancer and all the strong survivors out there, at we like to add bright pink nail polish to our pink ribbons. We invite you to join our little movement and let your manicure raise awareness, too.

Donate for the good cause

Btw: The National Breast Cancer Foundation is collecting donations to give people in need the support they deserve and give them access to lifesaving breast cancer screenings. If you want to support this great cause, you can visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website and make a donation.

Find your favorite pink tone

Blush Babe – No reason to blush - don't forget to check your boobies

Bubblegum – Take good care of yourself
Mean Girl – It’s not mean to remind your bestie to go to her regular check-ups
Sugar Spun – Go out there and wear your pink ribbon
October 04, 2022