Fall inspired hair and nail polish on Model
Fall is... when summer kisses winter. It’s finally time to put out all these fabulous cozy oversized sweaters and enjoy the last warm rays of sun sneaking through the clouds.

Some people say fall is the best season and we are also convinced: it is at least ONE OF THE BEST SEASONS, don’t you agree? Temperatures are not as high anymore, so we sweat less. Hot drinks like coffee and tea start to become a thing again, and there seems to be more time to stay home, read a book or stream your favorite show – wrapped in your beloved warm duvet.

The moment when the fall vibe kicks in intensively is when you put on your warm-colored cardigan, braid your hair and paint your nails in one of our delicious autumnal colors. Wow, doesn’t that feel good? The trends of the 2022 fall season are: tailored waistcoats, faux leather jackets, ultra-baggy denim, colorful chunky knitted sweaters, layered accessories, and a fresh heroine.nyc manicure!

So, fall is here, and we want to celebrate the start of this beautiful season with some delightful colors. They all fit perfectly with your favorite fall outfits, and we are sure: They’ll suit you very well! So, to inspire you and lighten up your first fall day this year, we selected an exclusive palette of heroine.nyc colors for you. Please enjoy our unique fall nail color collection!

heroine.nyc fall colors

Purple Fiction is the color of juicy plums—the season’s fruit.
heroine.nyc fall nail polish purple

Stormcloud – This cloud brings you happiness.
heroine.nyc fall nail polish blue
Poison Ivy – Ain’t no better poison than this addictive color
heroine.nyc fall nail polish green
London Fog – Foggy days, cozy nights.
heroine.nyc fall nail polish purple
Lovesick – We will never get sick of this autumnal rose tone.
heroine.nyc fall nail polish pink
Wine at Midnight – What a glorious idea! Let’s snuggle into a blanket and enjoy a glass of wine.
heroine.nyc fall nail polish red

September 23, 2022