heroine.nyc glitter nail polishes
Do you know our Cocktail Club or our Glam Squad Trio? These two sets of three combine some of our absolute favorite heroine.nyc tones—our glitter nail polish highlights!

Cover your nails with glitter

We have a confession to make: There are times when we feel like covering our whole bodies in glitter. Sadly, that’s not always possible in our day-to-day life, but that’s when glitter nails come in handy.

Like black nails with glitter? Just paint them black and add a layer of heroine.nyc “Frost” on top. By the way: We are also big fans of purple glitter nails. And did you know how fabulous rainbow nails with glitter look?

Glitter design on nails

We are always excited about new glitter nail ideas. It provides lovely, shimmering little in-between moments and puts a smile on our lips even if we oversleep or are dealing with a bad hair day.

Another good thing about glitter nail designs is that they are easy to create. Just apply a glitter polish over your freshly painted nails or add some dots here and there and you’re good to go.

Ombre nails with glitter

Pink nails can really pop if you add a good amount of glitter overlay. To create this very extraordinary look, we highly recommend not being too shy with the glitter application!

French glitter nails

If you like clear glitter nails, we recommend using our “Frost” nail polish. It is also the perfect fit with french nail tips or natural french nails, and gives you this fantastic glittery look you are searching for—also for your french ombre nails with glitter.

Our “Watch me sparkle” nail polish lets your nails shine in a beautiful silver look. Or what about wearing white glitter nails for the festive season?
heroine.nyc glitter nail polish set
November 14, 2022