Glitter Nail Polish

Get the look in 5 easy steps

In 2023, one beauty trend can be seen in all the glamorous high fashion magazines and is spotted in every famous club from New York to LA: chrome nails, baby! So, to ensure you do it right, get the look, and hit the scene with your perfect shiny chrome manicure, we created this five-step tutorial for you.  

If you want to get started and enjoy your new obsession with chrome nails, the most essential ingredient for you —besides gel nail polish—is chrome pigment. You can buy it online, in an art supply shop, or a drugstore.  

In addition to your favorite nail polish tones plus chrome pigment, you need a gel top coat, a base coat, your nail file, a proper cuticle oil and your UV or LED lamp. And this is how it’s done:  

Step 1  

File your nails and apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails. Take your time to let it dry properly under your UV or LED lamp.  

Step 2

cover the base coat with a layer of the nail polish of your choice. Let it dry thoroughly under the lamp.  

Step 3

Now it’s time to apply the chrome pigment. Use the small applicator that comes with the pigment to wipe it across your nails, and you will immediately see the light beginning to reflect—it’s magic, isn’t it? By the way: no worries about this step! It’s quite easy to add the chrome pigment to your nails—almost easier than covering them with nail polish!  

Step 4

The next step is very important: it fixes the chrome layer on your fingernails and provides a wonderfully plump, gel-like manicure look. Again: Take your time to let it dry properly under your UV or LED lamp.  

Step 5

When your nails are thoroughly dry, apply some drops of cuticle oil to your nail beds and give them a gentle massage with your fingertips. This will leave your skin looking beautifully nourished. And: it brings out the wonderful chrome look even more.  

Ready to go! You’re done! Congratulations! You created an eye-catching chrome manicure that will last for up to two weeks. Please enjoy!  

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January 26, 2023