These Manicures are going to be huge 

2023 is all about influencers and VIPs going viral with nail art! Time to give you an overview of this year’s hottest nail trends! 

Make it bling: Chrome Nails  


There is one big nail trend in 2023 that can be seen in all the big high fashion magazines and is spotted in every famous club from downtown NY to Hollywood: Say hello to chrome nails! Their all-shiny, glamorous look lets your nails shine like polished metal. To make sure you do it right, take a look at our five-step chrome nails tutorial!  

Blue tones for a cool manicure 

I see skies of blue...” Designers, fashion editors, movie stars, and fashionistas all over the world agree: Blue nail polish is the next big thing! No matter if you decide to wear light blue, violet blue, royal blue, dark blue or navy blue: The color of the season lets your nails shine in the color variations of the ocean perfectly completing your outfitsfrom business to theater night, and from breakfast to clubbing. Check out the blue nail polish tones by 
Space Cadetthe perfect fit for your extravagant club outfit. 
In The Deep – reminds us about the deep dark ocean. 
Peek-A-Blue – light like a cloud on a spring day. 
Royal Blood – self-confident and adorable. 
Breezy – a light and dreamy companion.  
Stormcloud – into the eye of the storm. 
Violetta – easy and sweet, like flowers, and candy. 

Stop sending us nudesenjoy nude nails

According to the pictures you share with us on social media, one might think nude nails always stay in style. So, surprise, surprise: even in 2023, nude nails are one of the biggest and hottest nail design trends! If you’re looking for a tutorial for your nude nails that works: Please check this one out 

It’s always the right time for red nail polish 

Imagine a red carpet. You and your besties on it wearing some stunning ball gowns all dressed up, camera-ready make-up, and—last, but not least—your favorite red nail polish that completes your looks, making you star material. Did you know our best-selling nail polish colors in 2023, so far, are the red tones? So, don’t miss out! Go check them out!  
Wine at midnight provides your manicure with this one special wine and dine chique.  
Heat Wave adds the hot side of life to your outfits.  
Crime Scene puts you on the set of an exciting blockbuster thriller.  
February 20, 2023