Today we have something special to share with you. We met our content creator and nail artist Aleksandra aka Aleksfor an interview. She told us about her life and her love for little blue details and black clothes, and we talked about her favorite nail art trends in 2023. We also asked her about the characteristics she associates with a true heroine. We are proud to present you this truly inspiring interview!

Please enjoy the read!   

heroine.nyc: Hi Aleksandra! Nice to finally meet you! Tell us about yourself—who you are, what you do, what you embody. 

Aleks: Nice to meet you, too! As you know, my name is Aleksandra. When I was little, maybe three or four, I gave myself another name, Kaja, which is my name on Instagram. Luckily, nobody calls me Kaja anymore—My nickname now is Aleks.  

I'm 27 years old. I was born and raised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia 🇷🇸. I'm a vegetarian because I love animals. I have a dog and two cats (all adopted). I graduated from economics at Belgrade University, and currently, I'm working on my master's thesis (same field).  

I'm studying Japanese because I love Japanese culture and I hope I'll be able to go there soon. I read a lot and watch loads of TV shows, but at night, cuz during the day, I'm pretty active. My every day starts with yoga 🧘‍♀️.   

heroine.nyc: What makes you you? 

Aleks: I'm like a black sheep in my family. Always going in a different direction from anybody else, and a lot of my family members and friends even told me that. But that's usually what people like about me. I always have my own opinions and my own principles, and I stick to them no matter what.   

heroine.nyc: What is your favorite color, and what do you associate with it? What comes to your mind when you think about it?  

Aleks: My favorite color has changed with years. When I was little, it was pink. Now it's blue, and I almost always have some little blue details on me. But I think that the color that I associate with the most is black, even though it's not considered a color. Most of the time I wear black clothes. To me, black means power, it's elegant, it goes with everything— you simply can't go wrong with black.  

heroine.nyc: Which characteristics do you associate with a heroine?  

Aleks: Since I was a kid, I've liked helping others. No matter the problem, if it's in my power, I was there to help.  

I'm usually the person who gives voice to the ones who can't speak for themselves. People, animals—everyone who needs it. Helping others is what I associate with a heroine the most.  

heroine.nyc: What is your favorite shade from our range? And why does this color suit your personality so well? 

Aleks: My favorite heroine.nyc shade is Watch Me Sparkle ✨️ because I have a sparkling personality. I'm attracting people's attention unintentionally. Sometimes it's something I wear, and sometimes, I do something clumsy 😅 but I rarely just pass unnoticed.  

heroine.nyc: How do you express your personality creatively? 

Aleks: Most often, I express myself through nail art, my clothes and jewelry. You can almost every time see my mood based on my outfit and nails. I express myself through art generally. I always add something unique to everything I own so it can be different from others, special just mine. 

heroine.nyc: Why is nail polish the perfect vehicle for you to express your personality?  

Aleks: Well, I like to create teeny tiny art, and nails are the perfect canvas, and nail polish is the best tool for that.  

heroine.nyc: What is your nail (art) trend in 2023?  

Aleks: Negative space nails are my go-to trend, not just in 2023— FOREVER! 🙈  

February 28, 2023