Your favorite Nail Care Products

The Ultimate Nail Care Set by heroine.nyc combines all the nail care products you need for a good manicure—combined in one bundle.

The set includes full-size versions of the following products:

- Soy Nail Polish Remover
- Her Matte-Jesty Matte Top Coat
- Glossy Top Coat
- Cuticle Oil
- Crystal Nail File

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 About the Ultimate Nail Care Set 


The Soy Nail Polish Remover by heroine.nyc removes all nail polish colors from your fingernails—without leaving any traces or drying them or your cuticles out. The Her Matte-Jesty Matte Top Coat adds a sleek matte look to all of your manicures and prevents your nails from discoloration and damage—just like our Glossy Top Coat, which makes your nail art shine. Our Cuticle Oil is your partner in crime when it comes to soft and healthy cuticles, and your Crystal Nail File prevents your nails from chipping and lasts a lifetime. Altogether, they are the dream team for your manicure—and our favorite nail care products. 


Our top coats are 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny 


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4x 11ml (.37 fl. oz.) | Ingredients 

How to use

How to use heroine.nyc nail polish 

Step 1: Base Coat  

After cleaning your nails and removing your old nail polish completely, apply one layer of basecoat. 

Step 2: Nail Polish  

Apply one layer of nail polish. If you want the color to be even more opaque, apply a second Please remember: Always wait until each layer is dried out thoroughly before continuing your manicure.  

Good to know: Shake your heroine.nyc nail polish well before applying it to your nails. This step will mix all the lovely pigments properly, providing the lushest colors of the rainbow.  

Step 3: Topcoat  

Seal the top layer with a thin layer of topcoat. It will seal your nails, giving them extra strength and making your nail polish last longer. 

Step 4: Cuticle Oil

Use our cuticle oil to soften and moisturize your cuticles. They should become softer, more manageable, and healthier with every use keeping your cuticles healthy!